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Boehm, Alex and Arnoldini, Markus and Bergmiller, Tobias and Röösli, Thomas and Bigosch, Colette and Ackermann, Martin (2016) Genetic manipulation of glycogen allocation affects replicative lifespan in E coli. PLoS Genetics, 12 (4). pp. 1-17. ISSN 1553-7404


Chait, Remy and Palmer,, Adam C and Yelin, Idan and Kishony, Roy (2016) Pervasive selection for and against antibiotic resistance in inhomogeneous multistress environments. Nature Communications, 7. Article number: 10333 . ISSN 2041-1723

Chait, Remy and Ruess, Jakob and Bergmiller, Tobias and Tkačik, Gašper and Guet, Cǎlin C (2017) Shaping bacterial population behavior through computer interfaced control of individual cells. Nature Communications, 8 (1). Article number: 1535 . ISSN 2041-1723


Fallesen, Todd and Roostalu, Johanna and Duellberg, Cristian and Pruessner, Gunnar and Surrey, Thomas (2017) Ensembles of bidirectional kinesin Cin8 produce additive forces in both directions of movement. Biophysical Journal, 113 (9). 2055 -20567. ISSN 1542-0086


Jesse, Fabienne (2017) The lac operon in the wild. PhD thesis, IST Austria.


Konrad, Matthias and Vyleta, Meghan L and Theis, Fabian J and Stock, Miriam and Tragust, Simon and Klatt, Martina and Drescher, Verena and Marr, Carsten and Ugelvig, Line V and Cremer, Sylvia (2012) Social transfer of pathogenic fungus promotes active immunisation in ant colonies. PLoS Biology, 10. ISSN 1545-7885


Lohse, Konrad and Barton, Nicholas H and Melika, George and Stone, Graham N (2012) A likelihood based comparison of population histories in a parasitoid guild. Molecular Ecology, 21 (18). 4605 -4617. ISSN 0962-1083

Lukačišinová, Marta (2018) Genetic determinants of antibiotic resistance evolution. PhD thesis, IST Austria.


Mitosch, Karin (2017) Timing, variability and cross-protection in bacteria – Insights from dynamic gene expression responses to antibiotics. PhD thesis, IST Austria.


Nikolic, Nela and Didara, Zrinka and Moll, Isabella (2017) MazF activation promotes translational heterogeneity of the grcA mRNA in Escherichia coli populations. PeerJ, 2017 (9). Article number: 3830 . ISSN 2167-8359

Nikolic, Nela and Schreiber, Frank and Dal Co, Alma and Kiviet, Daniel J and Bergmiller, Tobias and Littmann, Sten and Kuypers, Marcel M and Ackermann, Martin (2017) Cell-to-cell variation and specialization in sugar metabolism in clonal bacterial populations. PLoS Genetics, 13 (12). Articel number: e1007122 . ISSN 1553-7404


Pleska, Maros (2017) Biology of restriction-modification systems at the single-cell and population level. PhD thesis, IST Austria.

Pull, Christopher D (2017) Disease defence in garden ants. PhD thesis, IST Austria (Institute of Science and Technology Austria) .


Renault, Thibaud T and Abraham, Anthony O and Bergmiller, Tobias and Paradis, Guillaume and Rainville, Simon and Charpentier, Emmanuelle and Guet, Cǎlin C and Tu, Yuhai and Namba, Keiichi and Keener, James P and Minamino, Tohru and Erhardt, Marc (2017) Bacterial flagella grow through an injection diffusion mechanism. eLife, 6. Article number: e23136 . ISSN 2050-084X


Schumann, Kathrin (2011) The role of chemotactic gradients in dendritic cell migration. PhD thesis, IST Austria.

Schwarz, Jan and Bierbaum, Veronika and Merrin, Jack and Frank, Tino and Hauschild, Robert and Bollenbach, Tobias and Tay, Savaş and Sixt, Michael and Mehling, Matthias (2016) A microfluidic device for measuring cell migration towards substrate bound and soluble chemokine gradients. Scientific Reports, 6. Article number: 36440 . ISSN 20452322

Steinrueck, Magdalena (2018) The influence of sequence context on the evolution of bacterial gene expression. PhD thesis, IST Austria.


Veetil, Vinod P and Angermayr, Andreas S and Hellingwerf , Klaas J (2017) Ethylene production with engineered Synechocystis sp PCC 6803 strains. Microbial Cell Factories, 16 (1). Article number 34 . ISSN 14752859

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